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Hi! I am Fairy, a Malaysian from Petaling Jaya of the Generation X type. I have had website existence since 1996. Due to the name of my website I have often been mistaken to be Indonesian. :-)

Ryan Wijaya's rendition of me. :-) is my pet project of writings and photography work featuring Malaysian and Indonesian pop culture, junk food, travel stories, music and whatever else I have conjured in my head. Most of the stuff you'll see here is quirky and oozing with passion.

I have a peculiar fascination for (almost) all things Indonesian (not a big fan of macet though), which is why my website named is such. It had first started out as a personal project located at the still-useable URL and has since steadily grown to be a labor of love that has its own set of followers (yes, that includes all 3825 of you currently browsing! :-)).

My collection of articles on aim to entertain and trivially educate the reader. I do not like being referred to as a blogger because isn't a blog. I don't bla-bla-blog. is an infotainment website, sanity-challenged and unconventional in all its simplicity.

The layout on this time has been toned down extremely to keep in line with the websites that I frequently visit and highly admire; most have simple, no-frills designs (like this one). Content is key!

If you'd like to drop me e-mail, please do so: fairy [at] mahdzan [dot] com.

Thank you for your continued interest in! Terima kasih banyak.


Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
23 October 2005

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