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This is an Indonesia from the eyes of a Malaysian section. I'll admit it: I have an obsession with Indonesia! Writing about this neighboring country's pop culture from my Malaysian point of view makes it all even more exciting.
Anti-Pornography on the ProwlMyIndo Meets Peter FennemaMyIndo's 1st Video Show! Book review of The Naked Traveler
Peter Fennema: The Indonesian Song-singing DutchmanMyIndo's Quirky Shots of BaliA Podcast Interview with Radio Singapore international
A Cameo in Majalah Forsel, June 2007 issue! Merchandise for grabs!The Wonderful World of Subtitling appears in Warta WILTAFlying on a Wing and 5 PrayersBricks for Brakes gets featured on AntaraWhoDoYouThinkHeAre fashion critics exposed!The Unusual Teh Botol Quibble
The History of's LogoFairy Mahdzan is now an Indonesian Wikipedia entry! goes hunting for Ayam Penyet! (Smashed Fried Chicken!) Gets the 3-Sep-2005 issue of The Jakarta Post! gets quoted in The Jakarta Post!Celebrating Indonesia's 60th Merdeka
An Interview with Adhitya Mulya, author of JombloBook Reviews - Jomblo and Gege Mengejar Cinta by Adhitya Recognized by Indonesian Embassy
Don't Call Them 'Indon'Perkataan 'Indon'The Ultimate Super Bakso!
Ika: Surabaya's Singing SweetheartKenny Jo: Indonesia's Louis ArmstrongIndonesian Army TNI Turns 59
A Ray of Hope for Nirmala BonatPemilu 2004: Indonesians in KL Cast Their VotesCita Rasa Malaysia: An Indonesian's Take on Malaysian Food!
Indonesian Cultural Night in Kuala LumpurDiscover Indonesia Fair 200410 Questions for
The X FactorThe Black FingernailA Sneak Peek at Indonesia Consumer Fair 2004
The Cock CrockeryBakso Bola Tenis!Scrumptious Solonese Chicken Rice in Megaria
Potty for Pempek Palembang!How Big is My Indonesian Music Collection?Discover Indonesia in Malaysia!
What's Different in Jakarta Inside Out, 2nd Edition?The Certifiably Mad Book Review on Jakarta Inside OutJakarta 2039: A Dark Comic's Reflections on May 1998
Yet Another Chaotic Train Ride Across Java...!Green, the Forbidden Color of Parangtritis BeachTukang Lewat: Food on the Go, Indonesian style
Dutch Guy, Fascinated with Indonesia, Creates Indahnesia.comPrambanan Temples: Why Lovers are Discouraged to Visit'Breaking Into' Taman Sari Water Castle!
Jogja: Savoring the Sights (and Smell!) of Jalan MalioboroThe Unforgettable 12-Hour Train Ride to JogjakartaIndonesia: Six Unique Observations before New Year
A Glimpse at Taman Proklamasi and the Sukarno SilhouetteWhat's with Expiration Dates on Indonesian Cassettes?Merah Putih: The Mighty Indonesian Flag
Roman Picisan: Busur panah atau Anak panah?My first Lupus book!'Artistless' Indonesian Cassettes
Funny Indo Dining ExperiencesKetok Magic: The Cheap Alternative to Expensive Car Repair!From Jakarta with Love
An Eye-Opening Trip to Jakarta, Indonesia!Ali Topan - Boy - Lupus: Hero Remaja IndonesiaTidak ada judul.
Indo vs Malay Surnames
Who on earth did not grow up on junk food? I sure did! Here is my tribute to junk food, be it from my 1980s childhood or newly discovered ones that have become my favorites today.
A South African's Dramatic Search for Ben & Jerry's In Malaysia!Green Marshmallow Treats for Hari Raya!Mini Melts: Delightful Dots of Ice Cream
How to Make Marshmallow Rice Krispies Treats!When the Roti Man Comes A-Honkin'!Notorious Cinema Snacks of Yesteryear!
Whacky Chocolate Orange!How to Make California Rolls!Ramly Burgers: For the Fastfood Lover with a Budget!
How to Make Fried Oreo Cookies!Brolly: Umbrella Candy from BandungEating Kandos Kiddies, the Anal Retentive Way
White Rabbit and its Edible Candy WrapperA Fishy Cereal ExperienceChocolate Fingers!
Ding Dang & Tora: Cheap Chocolate with Mysterious ToyCheap Bubble Gum, Priceless MemoriesVanilla Coke in Malaysia, At Long Last!
Combing South Africa for Vanilla Coke!The Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Fetish!
Rants and musings of general appeal, from events, games, toys, random observations, and just about anything else that doesn't fit in neatly under my other niched topics.
A Piece of Cake...PhotographyWhat Hari Raya Means To MeThe Roving Messenger Bag - Episode 1's YouTube video Readers' Gallery!Dear Opah
Remembering's 2004 Raya Card Sale - The Untold StoryJejak Lanun: The hunt for Pirates of the Caribbean movie billboards!'s Ketupat Appear in Nan Walker's Weavers of the World bookWhy Bangkok Inside Out is banned in ThailandMidnight Raya Shopping in K.L.
Celebrating Malaysia's 48th Merdeka at the Troubaganger gigPerang Bintang Highlighted by and CinemaOnline!The Giant Inflatable Darth Vader at Burger King!
Star Wars Banner Madness in MelbourneThe Star Wars GSC Promo Event at Berjaya Times Square, KLPerang Bintang: The Search for Malaysian Star Wars Billboards!
Inside Out with Daniel Ziv & Guy SharettForce of Nature Tsunami Concert MemorabiliaDarth Tater: The Potato from the Dark Side
The Interesting Postmark on the UN PostcardBangkok Inside Out: Spicier than Tom Yam!Jalan Petaling: Kuala Lumpur's Chinatown
Fairy's Favorite Articles of 2003!Making Ketupat Daun PalasLighting Up Pelita for Lebaran
Sparking Off Hari Raya with Bunga Api!The Spirit of Ramadan at the Pasar MalamThe Simple Senses of Patriotism
The Raggedy Ann and Andy LunchboxIt's a Balloon! It's a Bubble! It's...The Day I Impaled Mr. Potato Head
Oh, Brother!A Malaysian Surfer's JournalPaint -ouch!- ball!
America Under Attack!Merdeka 2001 at KLCC!Finally! CRAZY TAXI 2!
Of Graduation Caps & Gowns
What really started me on Indonesia was their wonderful music. Of particular interest in this category are my independent coverage on some of Indonesia's top names in music.
A Delicious Review of Project Pop's Six-A-Six albumQuirky Moments at Pesta Malam IndonesiaPesta Malam Indonesia photo gallery
An Interview with Arina of MoccaMocca plays Kuala Lumpur!Maliq and D'Essentials groove Singapore at the Indonesian Art Festival 2005
Ruth Sahanaya & Eric Benet Dazzle Kuala LumpurKonsert Cokelat di KL: Lip-Smackingly Sexy!Kris Dayanti Shines in Cahaya Concert, Singapore
Project Pop Go Jungle-Wild in Malaysia!An Afternoon with Gigi Band!Project Pop Makes Dangdut Hip!
Meeting Ruth Sahanaya in PersonPoems for the World from Malaysia and IndonesiaNadia M. Yuniardo: Writing news in English is a challenge
Wanna start an Indonesian Concert Photography collection?BIP: Anti-Drug Rockers from IndonesiaAE '02: Malaysian stars and a few Indonesian elements
Personel Naif Marah-Marah Di Konperensi PersAndien, Kikan (Cokelat), Andi (/rif) Dipaksa NyanyiMERDEKA! Malaysians & Indonesians celebrate with music
Caffeine Anak Didik Personel Java JiveSheila on 7 rocks Hard Rock KLPriceless T-shirt from Dewa
Must-have-VCD for KLAnisAlbum Kinanti Milik Andien Dirilis Tanpa Konperensi PersStudio 33 Tidak Semegah Video Klipnya
The Fly Masih NgeU2Ari Lasso Kisses the MicrophoneDewa Arogan? Dhani Congkak?
Cokelat Masih Tetap dengan Rasa CokelatTU7UH: The True Blue FanzineHarvey outshines Padi and Sheila on 7
Konser Ulang Tahun I-RadioSheila On 7 Kalah Bersaing Dengan Band CewekAlbum Review: OST Ada Apa Dengan Cinta
Celakanya Censorship MalaysiaRonnie Sianturi Merilis Solo Album Bintang KeabadianNervous with Nicholas!
KC Ismail: Muzik Indonesia lebih progresif dari muzik MalaysiaGigi Berumur 8 TahunA Yovie Widianto Concert at KTS
Padi Pernah Ditolak Perusahaan MusikMy First ever DEWA concert!Konser Surat Cinta Untuk Dewa
Fibi & the Sheila On 7 postcard
I have my share of travel stories, ranging from my abroad experiences in the USA to the simple visit back to Dad's homestate of Perlis.
Visiting Saudi ArabiaEnjoying Seafood in Kuala PerlisA Malay Wedding in the Kampung
Padang Besar: The Exciting Malaysian-Thai MarketplaceThe Cool Vending Machine in FloridaOf Koalas and (Nice) Shop Assistants
Athens, OH Halloween Block PartyOhio State U. Tour with LutfiSpring's Here, Let's Go to Washington DC!
Going Insane with Roller Coasters at Cedar Point!

Special featurettes on, namely of greeting cards that we had sold during several past festive seasons.

With the year ending and upcoming holiday season, presents these lovely Xmas "Indo-Malay food vendor series" cards.
(November 2004)

We were selling Hari Raya cards with a unique theme, Jakarta Public Transportations!
(October 2004)
I wrote these during my student days at Ohio University, Athens, OH, USA where I was a business and management information systems major (1997-2001). Ironically, I did exceptionally well in my elective subjects instead!

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Descriptive Study of Phonological Differences between Bahasa Malaysia and Bahasa Indonesia
This paper was written for an introduction to linguistics class for which I received an A. This piece was a delight to write as I have always been fascinated with the differences of the Malay language spoken in Indonesia and Malaysia. Many thanks to Nona Kurniani and my lecturer Stephanie Humphries for their valuable insight and help on this paper.

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Asian Americans: An Analysis of Negative Stereotypical Characters in Popular Media
Written for a sociology course, I collaborated with fellow student Norlinda Ziegler on addressing the issues of negative portrayals of Asian actors in Hollywood movies. I lost the "Works Cited" page of this paper, so many apologies to the writers and researchers whose ideas and concepts became the outline of my paper - my unintentional negligence to cite my sources for this online paper is most regretted.

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CSD: The Diner Survey Analysis
My marketing professor Jane Sojka required us to analyze a customer evaluation survey of any business establishment and point out the strengths and weaknesses of the survey. My coursemate Benjamin Ziska and I scored a beautiful A for this paper.