Jakarta Transporation Series Raya Cards


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How the Cards were Born

My good friend Ryan Wijaya is an ambitious and hardworking illustrator from Jakarta. One day he asked me if I had stock photos of a bajaj to trace on for some illustration work he wanted to do. So I gave him this photo from this story I wrote about my "first trip" to Jakarta.

Out of wit and creativity, he tranformed his tracing of this little Indonesian public transportation into a Hari Raya/Lebaran card!

Previously there were just 10 cards and in slightly greener hues, aka our version 1 set.

Ryan then went on to design two additional cards (#11, #12)
making it a total of 12 colorful cards here in our version 2 set:

I am happy to announce that you are able to order your very own MyIndo.com Lebaran greeting cards! Perfect to send to friends or just to collect!

The cards are printed on solid ivory cards and are gorgeous in their vibrant colors.
Each card measures approximately 10x14cm when folded.

The card on the left is the back side of the card.


If you live in Indonesia (Jakarta, especially) you may SMS or call Ryan directly at:

Ryan / 0817-491-7992.

We also welcome our friends from outside Indonesia (especially Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei) to place orders too! Ryan and I will work together to meet your greeting card needs. :)

Buyer also agrees to pay any shipping and handling charges that we incur to send the merchandise and payment must be made in full prior to shipping.

Here are the prices according to specific countries:

Price per pack of 12 cards
(not inclusive of shipping)
Methods of Payment
-Cash (in person)
-Bank transfer
(Ryan's BCA)
-Cash (in person)
-Bank transfer
(Fairy's Maybank)


-Western Union Services
-Bank transfer
(UOB account in SG)


-Western Union Services
-Bank transfer
(Fairy's Maybank)

Everywhere else

Western Union Services
-Bank transfer
(Fairy's Maybank)

Update! (24/10/04) Due to increasing demand, we can no longer sell cards individually as previously advertised. We now highly recommend the wise decision to collect all 12 in a pack! :)

Update! (6/11/04) We have sold out every single one of our limited edition kartu Lebaran packets! We would like to thank our friends and readers for supporting our little endeavour and hope to bring you more special MyIndo.com festive cards in the near future!


Thank you for your support!

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