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Darth Vader banner promoting Canon products located in the I.T. Center of Sungai Wang Plaza in K.L.



Another Lord Vader pinup near a camera shop on the ground level of Sungai Wang.


Palpatine and Vader on this Real Rewards banner hung near a Delifrance in Berjaya Times Square where we munched salmon and egg sandwiches.


Kellog's were offering free gyros in their packs of Frosted Flakes. They were pathetic! I totally didn't get what a gyro was till I spun them on the floor. Urgh.

Nestle did a better job with free toys in their cereal for Episode 2 in 2003. Here's what I collected 2 years ago and ate nothing but Koko Crunch for weeks. They were little miniatures of SW characters you stuck on the end of your pencils.


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