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So do you know if we've missed out any SW billboards around Klang Valley to add to our collection? Or do you have your own collection of Star Wars billboards to share? Let us know lah! May the force be with you!

Update! (18 May 2005)
- has provided us a link from their website! Thank you!

Update! (19 May 2005)
- Yet another link generously promoted by; this one's about our coverage of the Star Wars roadshow at GSC last weekend.

has written a piece about our Perang Bintang Project! Learn why we were inspired to go madly around town snapping up photos of SW billboards for what it's worth!

We also have other Star Wars-related articles on! Check them out!
Star Wars event at Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur
Star Wars poster madness in Melbourne
Darth Tater: The Potato from the Dark Side

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Very good project. Totally enjoyed it. Good job! Cheers
Anne 1-Jun-2005, 18:25 MYT

hey! cool revelations ya'll! did u check out Ampang? there's more there i think! cheers!
vivian - Website   25-May-2005, 16:47 MYT

ERMAC: Thanks for the tip-off! We are going to be on it!
Fairy - Website   24-May-2005, 18:02 MYT

my master, great jobs!
nway there's a large statue of Vader at burger king at mrr2 to karak highway. better u check it out!
Ermac 24-May-2005, 17:53 MYT

you da man!! may the fork be in you!

actually, you're insanely hilarious. who says madness is bad?
paloque 19-May-2005, 21:51 MYT

Thanks Belutz. Celcom is selling those Xpax limited edition cards. You can view the product online. Link
Fairy - Website   19-May-2005, 13:27 MYT

Hi Fai! nice works! hehehe
I'm still in kuching now. In Star cinemas, Celcom are selling special edition mobile numbers. The Star Wars edition. Too bad I don't have a camera
Belutz - Website   19-May-2005, 12:50 MYT

I caught ROTS last night and came back all sleepy at 2am! It was brilliant, though a tad fast-paced. It was heartbreaking to see Anakin move to the dark side. But by far my favorite segments of the movie was of Artoo. Artoo rocks and truly is a hero in my book! I want my own mini Artoo now to put next to my Darth Tater.
Fairy - Website   19-May-2005, 11:07 MYT

Not bad! Great effort! Nice shots!
Douglas 19-May-2005, 09:55 MYT

MK..have to consider the time due to my journey from Sban to KL is not that near. heheh..nevertheless, have fun!
miss u and fai so much!
Ebb 19-May-2005, 06:26 MYT

Lutfi: Don't hate us 'coz we're beautiful!

Catcha: I'm very partial to SS2 meself.
Fairy - Website   18-May-2005, 22:08 MYT

Nice! as a malaysian who's now in Sydney, it's nice for u to post some photos of the places where i lived.. ss2! Thanks
catcha 18-May-2005, 21:06 MYT

Jeles Jeles!
lutfi - Website   18-May-2005, 19:07 MYT

Boom! Shaka-laka-laka!
Fairy - Website   18-May-2005, 14:59 MYT

Ebb, 2 tickets. 11pm. 18 May.
MK84 - Website   18-May-2005, 14:58 MYT

two tickets. 5.45pm. BST. 19 May. Yeahooo!
Ebb 18-May-2005, 14:30 MYT

Eng Seng: Naughty naughty!

Thanks Ariski, enjoy the movie! I'm catching it tonight with my partner-in-crime, MK!
Fairy - Website   18-May-2005, 14:18 MYT

your site is simply: good job... (ob1 to anakin in the geonosis arena). i just won 2 free tickets from GSC, yippiee... (9 yr old anakin's cry)
ariski 18-May-2005, 13:49 MYT

I checked out the GSC Berjaya Times Square coverage too.....Hehehe, I like the way Darth Vader holds his lightsabre!! XD
Eng Seng 18-May-2005, 13:10 MYT

Dude! kewl project! cant wait to watch the movie! hehehe.
lissa - Website   18-May-2005, 11:51 MYT

Eng Seng! Thank you! You're too kind.

Lutfi, I didn't find any Ewoks ads lah dude, you know I would have so captured those. Domination is by Lord Vader.
Fairy - Website   18-May-2005, 11:43 MYT

My God Fairy, too many StarWars. Love them all. Any Ewoks ads?
lutfi - Website   18-May-2005, 11:20 MYT

No problem, guys....I submitted your webpage to yesterday. Good work!
Eng Seng 18-May-2005, 11:20 MYT

Thanks for all the hoots, fellas! I think it's a smashing idea to just go out with your camera and snap photos of all the SW billboards in your area, loads of fun I tell ya!

Woohoo has finally linked us! Thank you!

TRIPLESABER: Yes of course we were there in BTS to capture that SW event GSC was having! Please click on this Link
Fairy - Website   18-May-2005, 10:33 MYT

You've been linked.
MK84 - Website   18-May-2005, 10:18 MYT

kewl project guys! makes me want to wear my Vader mask while driving around town ( i might do it someday). More pics la weii..takde pics kat berjaya times square punya SW fan event?
triplesaber 18-May-2005, 09:47 MYT

Thanks for the Billboard tour. Got here from a front page link on

Excellent, original idea to gallery all these online. I'm gonna hafta steal your idea and go out and document all the billboards etc here in George Lucas' backyard of the San Francisco Bay Area where I am at the moment...

HiMY SYeD [photopia] - Website   18-May-2005, 09:40 MYT

Ah! I miss KL! I spent a good part of last fall in KL and I miss it very much! Thanks for the Star Wars trip down memory lane!
Tim 18-May-2005, 08:14 MYT

Great SW pix from around town!!
I havent seen any where i live.
Berkeley, CA USA
Take care!
Johnny Beane - Website   18-May-2005, 02:48 MYT

That was an awesome post! Looks like you had a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing! WOOT!
Rupert 18-May-2005, 01:40 MYT

Idlan: LOL! That would have been some adventure wouldn't it? I can see the headlines now: "Suspek ditahan kerana mencuri poster Star Wars."
Fairy - Website   18-May-2005, 00:02 MYT

Star Wars promo here where I am is somewhat muted - just noticed one poster at the bus stop near where we live. It's that Yoda one; although not as strategically positioned. Tried to curi semalam but too many people were staring. And the policeman was getting out his notebook so I ran.
Idlan - Website   17-May-2005, 20:24 MYT

Yes Fashah! Thanks for the tip. I didn't have time to drop by a Burger King to include it in our Perang Bintang hehe. Let's see lah if I have enough galactic energy to carry out the ordeal.
Fairy - Website   17-May-2005, 10:07 MYT

Wow! projek yang amat menarik. Tahniah. Saya seronok melihatnya.
basri - Website   17-May-2005, 08:46 MYT

Fairy, I think you shud check out Burger King la.. they are also doing active promotion with their Star Potato Chips if I am not mistaken... May the force be with you.
fashah - Website   17-May-2005, 08:08 MYT

Haha, mat rempits! *Snort*
Fairy - Website   16-May-2005, 15:51 MYT

Yub yub! It was fun doing this project. WishI had better set of lenses though.

Amir, check this out.
MK84 - Website   16-May-2005, 15:45 MYT

HUH??.. They only accident I will cause would be Mat Rempits fall down from their bikes.. That's a noble dark side to do....
Amir EtCetera - Website   16-May-2005, 15:29 MYT

Amir you gile! Do you know how many accidents you're going to cause with that Chewbacca mask??
Fairy 16-May-2005, 15:25 MYT

Woohooo.. you finally did it!!..

Oh well, I'm still looking for the full head Chewbacca mask. That is still the coolest thing for me to wear while driving around KL at night..
Amir EtCetera - Website   16-May-2005, 15:14 MYT

Darth Tater rules!
dusyum - Website   16-May-2005, 14:03 MYT

Special thanks and shoutout to for his commitment to the Perang Bintang project and for being such a good accomplice! You rawk dude.
Fairy - Website   16-May-2005, 09:50 MYT

yeah I love them all ;-) good eye Fay.

But di daerahku balom ada neh...
adi wahyu - Website   16-May-2005, 00:50 MYT

love our collection of pics??
Fairy 15-May-2005, 23:13 MYT

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