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Our second ROTS sighting was this mobile phone billboard propped at the traffic light intersection between the SS2 district and the Lebuhraya Damansara Puchong (LDP), as you're entering the Damansara Jaya viscinity.


"Terimalah wallpaper, nada dering dan premium Star Wars..." declares Darth Vader pompously while he menacingly waves his light saber. Buy a phone or I'll sever your hand as I did with Luke Skywalker! Otherwise your handphone will just be.. a -phone! Get it??

It's funny how ring tone is translated (nada dering) but wallpaper is left in tact. Why didn't they translate it to "kertas dinding" for consistency?

(Kau tengok ni, phone aku ada kertas dinding Yoda, siot..)

Dapatkan kuasa mantap di sini!

Is "kuasa mantap" suppose to mean "the force?"


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