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A week after we started operation "Perang Bintang" (14/05/04), we were in K.L. again to attend some Star Wars promotion event thingy at Berjaya Times Square.

Our search for more SW billboards continued.

Later on during the day, Jalan Hang Tuah and Jalan Imbi were the roads which rewarded us with a few more Star Wars billboard sightings. Woohoo...


Here's another billboard that caught us completely off guard simply because of where we were relative to the thing. Scrutinizing at signs hovering above your eye level is a sure way to get neck cramps, let me tell ya...

Ah yes, a fellow Malaysian on his motorsikal kapcai. Slithering buggers with little regard for safety sometimes. Gotta love 'em for adding spice and excitement into your daily hellish traffic experience. They must work for Lord Vader.


Same SW Real Rewards billboard, slightly better angle. That is the K.L. monorail track above it.

We have more billboards from this area...!


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