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The Giant Inflatable Darth Vader at Burger King!

Text by Fairy Mahdzan
Photos by Fairy & MK84
29 May 2005




Inside the Burger King, they were as equally zealous with Star Wars promotions, namely in the form of cute little toys you get from buying their Kids meals.




Shriek! Aren't they just the cutest! I must have them all!

Looks like I'll be stuffing my face with BK for the next few weeks or so. Bleargh.



T-shirts and caps were also sold, for RM25 and RM15 respectively.



The real Darth "Tater."


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8111 lightsabers have slashed their way through here.


BTW, have you seen our Perang Bintang Project?

We collected shots of SW billboards around town!


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