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Celebrating Malaysia's 48th Merdeka

Photos & text by Farah 'Fairy' Mahdzan

Most sane people dread Merdeka eve - it is a day when they anxiously rush home after work to avoid the massive crowd that eagerly streams into various areas of the city center to perform the ever clichéd routine of watching fireworks burst into the night air come midnight.

I spent my pre-Merdeka evening at La Bodega in Kuala Lumpur with a warm group of friends. There we watched fellow Malaysians lull their hearts out at an event called Troubaganger where local talent and energy thrive like no other. The following photos captured the essence of the night when we welcomed our 48th year of independence, indie-art style!

Here's wishing lots of love, progress and appreciation of the open mind for Malaysia!






































And oh, it felt weird lah hearing people sing "Negaraku" in the club!

On our way back from KL, we passed by Bangsar and at the traffic light intersection and there was a commotion that looked like flag burning. Not entirely sure what that was all about.

Special thanks to Jaz for welcoming me ever so graciously to the event!

Happy birthday Malaysiaku...! (31 Aug 2005)


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