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by Farah 'Fairy' Mahdzan
(14 Oct 2005)

A newspaper's lifespan is obscenely short. Locating old issues, especially when you're not even in its country of origin, is literally a race against time.

When I accidently discovered a Jakarta Post article citing, I just knew I had to track down a physical copy of the paper for my personal records. It must be found before it ends up wrapping nasi uduk for Sunday breakfast!


After sending out an email plea to my newsletter subscribers and readers, I received encouraging replies from various individuals offering support or help.

Enda Nasution in Thailand said this, in response to my inability to locate the actual article online:
Have u find the url to the original article yet?

It's here:

David Flynn of Perth had to share his teh botol excitement with me:

Hey Farah,

I love Teh Botol too! I only have access to the JP electronically so
can't help much. I'll attach a pdf, in case it's of any use to you. In
the meantime, I'll keep an eye out for a hard copy - the library here
may have one I can photocopy....

You've got me thinking about Teh Botol now (feeling thirsty!),


And then my search for the newspaper ended!

Ichsan Mochtar and (my dear friend) Riga Saleh of Jakarta, willingly blackened their hands to find the Sept. 3 issue that I dearly wanted!

After two copies were whisked off to Malaysia and had arrived, in uncontained excitement, I ripped the envelope open like a monster would. (Well OK, ... a gentle monster with stationery etiquette).

This was the issue during which the devastation of Hurricane Katrina was making hot headlines.


TADA! The teh botol history piece written by Evi Mariani for The Jakarta Post.

It was located in the Business section of the newspaper


This is the paragraph from the article which meant all the world to me.


If anyone ever needs to send me newspapers from Jakarta, this is how many stamps you'd need. Rp.35,000 worth!


Some weeks later, I received an email from none other than the nice reporter who included my URL in that fateful edition of the Indonesian English newspaper, Evi Mariani! Guess how she found me? :-)

A problem? You're joking right Evi? I am a very happy camper! :-)


Evi had also offered to send me a copy of the newspaper - had I accepted it, it would have been my third copy. I had to stop her before my room became a warehouse for old copies of The Jakarta Post!

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